Thursday, November 11, 2004

Hey all, I'm dating again. Sorry I haven't posted in heaven only knows when, but now the girl I am dating is called Amber. She has red hair and beautiful eyes that I can't even describe, and just her overall appearance is breath taking. She has one of the best personalties I have ever seen. We both have problems, so we can help each other. I am so happy with her; the happiest I have ever been in my life. I love her so much, I hope that we will have a long relationship.

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

hey all of you who care or whatever im righting in here agen to say i give up on finding some one the last one i thought i loved cheated one me and brok up with me like five times and im over it im tired if only  i could gane that time beck well for all of thos i love and creabout thx for being here well i that is all i had to say here is something to look at for now

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Friday, May 21, 2004
i bork my own rules

hey well i have done one more stupid thing i brok my first rule and that is dont get to atached in the first few weaks you date someone but i didnt and i did something realy dumb and got dumped and i crye and for thes who dont know me i dont do that much ok what i did was i said some stupid things to a friend of mine and she told  my ex and she was pissed and then just after that i was so sad i was about to cry but i didnt then tody she breaks up with me after this i think i desev it but she looked so hhappy to rid of me and that is what realy hurt i cant belav i said thos thing bout her but i was and jsut rigting i didnt know what i was saying i was jsut saying it but any way i bork my first rule and now this is what happens and this is advice for any one dont ge to atached int he first few waks or something like thin\s might happen and  if yuo read the outer thing i rote then yuo will know what will happen and if need gthe rest of my ruls email me or something then i i might be abe to help but i dont care but ya my life is bad right now and all i have is the ones i trust and there arent many of thoes anf thoes of you that read this yuo kno  who you are  thx for being there

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

the girl i love left  me i dont know what to do i think i might die or kill my self i am so sad she cheated on me she gave a guy a hand job and he felt her up i have ben told i am to young for love but i know what it is and have felt it and i cant live with out it i dont know bout my mom or dad they cant help me nether cam famaily only my friends so if you are one plz help me with this i dont know what to do i need some one to talk to right now but no one is on to talk to i just need help with this i dont ask for much but this is what i need

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Thursday, January 15, 2004
a friend

my friend is in a mental insatatute it is fuking pissing me off i cant beleav it so what she cut herself i do to but that wasnt evan cool i have this and some how it fells like it is my fault gad damn my life suckes  and so do hers  school now all the prep fuckes are like makeing fun of me being goth i should kill them but that is ileagal (only if you are caut)  i got back intuch wt a friend that  i havet seen in a lokg time like 5 6 years so that is one god thing the guy that is dateing my friend that isin a mental instatute is like going crazy it suckes mager nuts

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
longtime no see

i havet rote in a long time thaere has ben a lot of thing going on in my like i have ben faling some classes my life hasnt goten any better  i have ben thinking a lot a bout life and stupid things like that i have had nothging to do. people have be telling my i need help  like they say that  my music  well fuck them my music is one of the resons i dont kill my self i hate people  like that that say that i am unstabel i men i know i am just shut up bout it i am going to hurt the next peoson that tells me that. m get i alot of sword practes tho so something good has come of it i am just so out of energy right now so i will start to right in here a littlel more

may the shdow light your path

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Sunday, November 30, 2003

just got back from alabama my granddads house  it was cool i got all of his guns so im good but i had this felling that he or some one was there like  a prsents i cant explan it but it was i good presents not evil so that was good  so sarah brok up with me agen in knda mad bout it  most people people dont look past my  out side  so im not suprised  and if you fuck with any of my friends any mor i will hunt u down and kill u o jessy  she is the betst friend any one can have she has ben through it all so she understands me and not many people do well out

may the shadow light your path

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Before Actually Leaving a Comment

Before you actually leave a comment, or something of any kind, remember this: no one really cares about your opinion, so piss off (that is if your comment is negative, we encourage positive comments).
Also keep in mind that most people friends with Cody, and Cody himself can and will beat the shit out of you, and sometimes just because we're bored...violence is such a great thing.
On the subject of goth, it's just a culture, like preps. And you know they teach you not to be mean to to other cultures that you do not understand. Take the Native Americans for example, no one understood them, and they aren't here anymore (well the majority of them are gone...).

Just keep in mind that no one really gives a fuck, seriously.

And people do own sharp, heavy objects, capable of causing serious damage to human flesh. Not that we're threatening you or anything.

Now, for a little something to dilute your mind from

My own set of "Instructions for life." This is the real list people should live by. Here's how it is:

It doesn't matter how much you give, there will always be greedy bastards out to take more.

Don't take time out of work to enjoy life's simple pleasures (you'll get fired).

Unless you're rich, nothing you have to say is important.

Love is only as eternal as your wallet.

When you realize you've made a mistake, do the cowardly thing and call it a policy.

If you appreciate the work someone is doing for you, don't tell them. Doing that might warrant a raise that you could spend on yourself.

If you're ugly, you will never get laid (ever).

You must surrender all hopes and dreams to the company you work for because dreaming isn't profitable.

Don't judge people by how they look (except when it comes to love, marriage, employment and net worth).

If you get promoted, don't change the way things are done (no matter how shitty you thought they were-- you're one of them now which makes it okay to walk on people).

It doesn't matter how well you do your job, it's how much ass you kiss.

Live a good, honest, decent life. Just kidding. Lie, cheat and screw around.

Share your wealth with those less fortunate, or at least say that you do to inflate your ego.

Remember that what you wear dictates who your friends are.

There it is. The real rules of life. Not as enthusiastic sounding, but who cares?

A message brought to you by Aislinn.

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

 fell so dowknow what todo i nedd some on i dont care if it is sarah or some on i dont know i need som on outher than my famaly god this suck i fell lke i am unloved alost hated i dont know y i have no clue it is horabel god i falling in a dark hole it feal like  lke no one gives a fuck that my life suckes i have never fellt this low i dont tell people how i fell i dont know y do i not trust them or am a scared i need to get my fellings out i dont know what is going on ove what is it do i have it am i capael of it it fells like no  i want all thes people to go away thay are going to puch me over the edg i donk know what ill do if i go ove i have hell this in to long if i let it all out at once i don know what will hapen i scared well thatis all love you sarah and Louise
may the shadow light your path
You are Form 8, Demon: The Destroyer. "And The Demon took advantage of the chaos
and seized civillization. With grace and
style, Demon slit The Goddess's belly and
drowned the world in her blood. The Goddess,
The Demon, and the world were no
Some examples of the Demon Form are Seth (Egyptian)
and The Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Christian). The Demon is associated with the concept of
destruction, the number 8, and the element of
earth. His sign is the full moon. As a member of Form 8, you are a very strong willed
individual. You don't let others' opinions
sway your own and you're usually not afraid to
speak your mind. However, some may see you as
a bit overly passionate but it's just because
you never back down from your values. No
matter what, you always do everything with
style. Demons are the best friends to have
because they will back you up.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
my fam

god my fam is like so fucked up on my moms side they spilt in half and it is werd like most of my fam is like rednecks and ya well im goth big dirence wel since i got back evry one knows that my grand mom died and that is just fucked up well im out

may the shadow light your path

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